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WTO, EU and Public International Law & Trade Negotiations

WTO law:

  • general principles (e.g. non-discrimination, transparency, necessity)
  • trade in goods (in part. agriculture, customs valuation, subsidies, technical barriers to trade, trade facilitation)
  • trade in services (market access, domestic regulation, transparency)
  • government procurement (revised GPA)
  • preferential / regional trade agreements (customs unions, free-trade areas, economic integration agreements)
  • disupte settlement

 EU law:

  • foreign trade law (i.e. common commercial policy)
  • common agricultural policy
  • competition law (i.e. rules on public procurement and state aid)
  • litigation before the Court of Justice and General Court of the EU (procedures for annulment, infringement, compensation for damage, reference procedures and intervention on behalf of third parties)

Public International Law:

  • treaty law 
  • international governmental organizations
  • wrongful / illegal conduct

Trade Negotiations:

  • multilateral (Doha-Round/DDA)
  • bilateral/regional (FTAs/RTAs)